Monday, July 12, 2010

hiking/camping Lost Lake

this was in June sometime... oh the day before Father's Day
the blanks and the cannons went hiking
for our last hoorah before they moved
we wanted to hike in, have a fire, and it be FREE
we drove to Nederland
stopped at the visitor center
got a map
headed out

stephen, cam, bethany, both dogs
crazyyyyy waterfall/river

our tent to the left, theirs to the right
it was a perfect little spot!

me and b

schnooze kept wandering off
so we had to put her leash on...
ella kept wanting to play with her
and was grabbing the leash and pulling schnooze, it was awesome!
cam reallllllly wanted to start the fire without matches
so here he is with his flint
and some tender...

don't worry, this took about an hour,
and it burned out very quickly
we finally resorted to a match

love this pic!

this was sunday morning,
we hiked around the lake
(ps, super cold out in the morning... water had to be 34*)
cam decides to swim in it

this is as far as he got, and the cold was making his arms and legs
freeze up... no drowning allowed

he's so crazy

we put schnooze up on this tree :)

schnooze and ella are so cute

ella wanted up too

the end

1 comment:

lauren and brad said...

your hubbie IS so crazy! but so are you! :) perfect pair.

this looks like a ton of fun!