Friday, July 09, 2010

May 21 (i think) maybe 22

we drove back to cape town
had dinner
stayed at an amazing hostel that we wished we would have stayed
at the whole time. it was so nice.
we got up and went to the airport,
realizing, we got there 3 hours before our flight
(on accident).
landed in jo-burg
rented a car
and then spent a long 6 hours driving,
getting lost,
running out of cell phone minutes
trying to find a place to stay
have a terrible border crossing experience
being car sick
and having migraines.
in the morning, we were refreshed.
we drove to manzini market
then on to the kramer's site!

manzini market
with tons of stuff!
several days later i got some trinkets
and some awesome fabric
(Lo, this is where i got the fabric!!!)
now we're at the site!
baby chicks!!!

annabelle (L) & oliver (R)

the garden!!!!

the round hut in front is a storage house, for cotton
sus and chris's house is to the right, with the metal roof
it looks big, but it's not
to the left in front of the storage hut, is sus's "brother's" house

baby goats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
only 4 days old!

ohhh i love you floppy ears

i got you!!!!!!!

sus's mom, make (say it like this: mogg-a)

they don't smile in pics, even though they are very smiley people
so this is their "swazi" pic

on the left is Babe (say it like this bob- ehh) somebody.. i forgot his real name, but we just call him Happy Days, and sus's "dad" Babe on the right
these were taken just after church, and happy days still had his robe on.
the hut behind the men is where make and babe cook
over an open fire

technically this is the next day
sus and i walked about 3 miles to
the preschool she teaches at.
these kids are 3-6 years old
and have either 1 or 2 parents die from AIDS
so they come for several hours a day and get a free meal
and taught some cool things
like english, songs, letters, numbers....
the kid behind the girl in the pink hoodie and orange shorts
the one with the red hat and backpack was my favorite!!!
he did not take the backpack off the whole time!!!!!!!
so anyway, we walked the 3 miles back, and then headed to matata
(where the post office and grocery store are)
to meet Ali, sus's bestie there
and to eat and get a few groceries before our SAFARI!!!!!!!!
coming up:
animals you would normally see at the zoo, 10 feet away!!!!

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Rachelle said...

oh my goodness I want to hold one of those goats so bad!