Sunday, March 07, 2010

what did you do friday...

well, i decided i was going to paint the kitchen
seal gray, so i went to the store and got my supplies.
i came home and had to prep, by
cleaning, moving the fridge, oven, stuff off counters, etc...
well, when i moved the oven i was scared... i found a
TATER TOT... ewwwwww how long has that been there?
so i was cleaning and cleaning.
i moved the fridge, and ya know how they say you need to dust the coils off all the time, i was nervous... but we didn't have any coils, they are covered up, but i found lots of dust and random gross things... then there was this pile of goo.
i had sorta seen the goo before i moved the fridge, but wasn't really thrilled to clean it, so i pretended it wasnt there.
until friday.
dun dun dun....
i couldnt just leave it there, no no... not liz cannon..
so i sprayed it with my method all purpose cleaner, and took a paper towel to that crap (i wasnt risking using a rag eveb, i wanted this to be in the trash)... so i sprayed with my left hand, and was about to wipe with my right, i drug my hand toward me... and OUCHHHH!!!!
ahhhh!!! f***!!!!!! i'm bleeding.... probably to death!!!!! wait liz, youre a nurse, what do you do... run to the sink and rinse it out, you're probably gonna get a disease from what, a hard piece of dried food?? leave a blood trail, and while youre rinsing out your finger, make sure you clean the blood spots that are dripping in the sink with your good hand... oh yeah, put soap in it.... s*** that burns... can you see how deep it is? nooooo it's bleeding too much... okay, youve washed it, hold pressure.....
do you need to go to the hospital? probably not, theyll just tell you to hold pressure... okay check it again... AHHH still gushing blood.. okay call lauren, she's at work...
"CCU this is Kristina"
"hey kristina, it's liz, is lauren there?"
"yeah she's here somewhere, let me find her"
"well.... i cut my finger, and it wont stop bleeding.... do you think i should come in?"
"have you seen how deep it is?"
"no, b/c everytime i do, it's bleeding too much"
"yeah you should come in and we can look at it"
"okay if im not there in 10 min call 9-1-1 b/c i died on the way in"
i get to work... have a CCU dr. check it out, still bleeding, but he's able to see that it's pretty deep. he sends me to the ER so they can do a nerve block (numb my whole finger). and stitch it up.
Lauren goes with me to the ER.
fills out my paper work.
sits with me through triage.
they take me to a little room.
lauren sits with me as they poke and prod my little finger...
ouch ouch ouch...
then she says i need stitches...
it kinda hurt up until then...
then i thought i was gonna die...
1 million shot of bupivicaine (like lidocaine), some crying, squeezing lauren's hand, and wincing later... i was numb. Lauren had to go back to her patients
and i got 3 stitches.
needless to say, i havent finished painting.
pics of finger below.

so once i got home i decided to see if there was a piece of metal or glass in the goo... sure enough.. it was glass. and you're like ewwwww blood on the glass... nope that's goo.

have to wear a splint so stitches dont bend.

friend cailly gave me some bling!!!
i'm so cool!


lauren and brad said...

you are such a geek.

sorry you didn't get the kitchen painted. :(

it's wierd because i want to paint my kitchen gray too. like a gray plum...

Leslie said...

i was all, "whatever, liz, it's just a tater tot." and then, kicked myself because you had to get stitches. feel better soon!!