Wednesday, March 10, 2010

kitchen before and after

we all remember what my kitchen looked like before.
not bad.
but not amazing.
everything was white.
except some tiles above the sink
they were/are yellow, so i played off that
and added yellow accents.

note all the dishes...
we are real people, with real dishes.

clutter clutter everywhere

then i decided that i needed some color on the wall.
something to take away from the dang white.
i played around with colors last summer while my mom was here.
we held up greys and yellows.
greys totally won.
but it just took time... a lot of time...
to get the motivation and stop bleeding from my finger ...
so this is the after.
left some dishes in the sink for effect :)
*where there once was yellow polka dot art
will be something cool... just hold your horses

i think it looks more expensive and richer!
*going to paint the wine rack mustardy yellow

*if you zoom in on the owl napkin holder
(courtesy of laura froese) you can see the
ikea napkins that match the room!!!
the freaking floor even looks better!
love love love the yellow tile with the grey!

with flowers and blank canvas
(soon to be art)
i love love love it all so much.
now i want to redo every room.
check out this blog of amazing normal people inspiration


Leslie said...

looking good, crafty lady!

Mike and Susanne said...

LOVE IT!!!!!

Andy and Laura said...

looks good! cracks me up that you still have and actually use that owl napkin holder. oh, and love the daffodils!! i have the painting bug again--ready to paint another room in this boring beige house. come give me a hand!

Katie said...

Girl, those are my colors. I LOVE IT. Good work!

lauren and brad said...

It looks beautiful!