Monday, March 29, 2010

the office redo

I was sick sick sick of the all white office.
for some reason it made me hate going in there
(and the fact that i could never see the floor).
so i decided to redo it.
there are still some things to do like,
paint another coat on the closet doors, make curtains, hang art.
but this is for you all to see!!!!

i realized after i started cleaning stuff out, i needed to take pics.
so i have the lamp & computer stuff covered with a sheet
oogly 70's wood doors


i used a lot of elbow grease and cleaned the place from head to toe.
i used: Seal Gray in Eggshell finish.
2 coats.
i painted the closet doors with heirloom white by rustoleum
i painted the bookshelves heirloom white
(spray paint, primed with white, them heirloom, then a poly coat)
the chair looks even better in there!!!
we got a desk from a friend who got it on clearance with employee discount
we did have to make some adjustments, you will read about later...
but all in all, i think it looks amazing.
oh there are some roman shades in one window, i got for
$5 at the thrift store.


there is even a place for schnooze on the flo.

i think the orange looks awesome
(that's cam's clementine plant)

the desk...
using post-its for stability...

didnt paint the door, b/c it's real, old, pretty wood.

painted closet doors... awesome!!!
and there ya go!!!


Mike and Susanne said...

Looks fabulous!!

Lane Adair said...

super cute! I love the L shaped desk! (L for Lane)

lauren and brad said...

so cute! i've got to get me some of that seal gray paint!