Friday, March 19, 2010

a little taste of what's cooking in the basement

thirft store purchases

sprayed them

fabric for them

(on sale for 75% off at joanne's fabric)

(this was not on sale, but only $7 for 3/4 yard)

random art like thingys i got and bargained for $5 for both
(only $1 off, but it was awesome)
i don't know if i will paint the frames or what, but i loved the art.
now you have to wait to see what the chairs will look like,
since it's snowy today i will cont to recover them.
the small chair is done, and i will post that later.
the large chair, the cushion is sewn,
but i have the rest of the fabric to go.
ohhhhhh can you wait to see??
they look FABULOUS!!!


lauren and brad said...

please come do my chair you crafty crow!

Andy and Laura said...

don't you wish you had that star trek chair that the guys had in their apt in college? now THAT was an awesome chair! Can't wait to see how these turn out.