Monday, March 29, 2010

the table

so my friend Kate gave me this table
in barter for my sewing/reupholstery services
it's from freaking Anthropologie
her roommate worked there and got a discount
and the table was on sale, so it ended up being
anyway, kate was moving, and gave it to me!
i re-did the office and knew it would be perfect in there.
the table is like 48"x48"
well, much to my dismay, i got it in there...
and it was ridiculous...
i mean i tried to make it work,
but if cameron had been typing, the monitors would be too far
for even him (with 20/20) to see...
so we argued, then came up with a solution.
it was hard for me at first, then i realized
it was honestly the only way we could keep... AND use the table.
he had always wanted and L shaped desk, and they are
usually really $$$$ in real life.
so we made this great table into one!
(sorry no great pics before...)

the top leaning up, me taking off wood stabilizers from back,
all the better to cut you my dear...
me and power tools...

had to buy legs x8
primed them, then sprayed them heirloom white
(these aren't really legs, they are banister do-dads)
cameron sawing the baby.
(note the protective eye wear... that's another post)

isn't he strong and handsome?

our layout of the desks...
now we just had to do the legs

we drilled a pilot hole for the leg
screwing from top of table
(there were already knicks and holes.. and you couldn't really tell anyway)
then put L brackets to make it stronger.
then we even put some gorilla glue to make it stronger.
this whole process took while.
the legs are still wobbly.
and i think we will have to put some kind of bracing for the back 2 legs
b/c it just doesn't seem as sturdy as it could.
but they look awesome!!!!!

dont you loveeeeeee the top?
reminds me of cousin Lauren's guest bed

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