Tuesday, March 16, 2010

new chairs

went to the thirft store
hunting for some good stuff
want to make our house more cohesive
and more "ours"
ran into these babies for $15 each.
i dont think i will recover them
i love them so.
great condition
may just re-stain the legs, they are a bit beat up.

instead of one ugly brown arm chair
don't you love the new seating arrangement?
pillows from couch turned over to match

tell me what you think
i personally love love love it!!!


Ryan and Katie said...

great find!

Leslie said...

super great find. don't recover! colors go great with your style!

Brian, Odette, Sara and Brett Ellis said...

I want those chairs. i love the color. they would actually match my place great. so when you get bored with them send them my way. good job liz. (although i know if they do need to get recovered you'll make them look great)

lauren and brad said...

what!? 15 dollars!? They are awesome!

Lane Adair said...