Thursday, April 14, 2011

my feelings are hurt.
if you read my blog...
please leave a comment.
i read yours.
i read your facebooks.
i email, call, text.
i host you at my house.
i let you sleep here.
i make you dinners.
what the hizzy.


Ryan and Katie said...

I read your blog! And I love it! I've never been to your house but I know you'd let me sleep there and make me dinner if I were in town because that's just how awesome you are! :)

Leslie said...

and make us fun crafts too!

lauren and brad said...

I read so therefore I comment. :)

sus and chris said...

was this the hormones talking? i can ask cuz i'm your favorite sister... usually too lazy to comment!

msswiss18 said...

Girlfriend, I haven't gotten a call/text back from you in ages! ;) But I still love you sweet Liz and happy for you guys and your bundle of joy on the way! ~Geneva (back to studying for my exams ... ha :)