Tuesday, April 05, 2011

belly shots & 13 weeks

some of you (boys or stalkers) may
wish to turn away before viewing the rest of the blog.
this is not for the faint at heart.
 9 weeks
i think my digestion slowed
and they may not be real baby belly
*still wearing normal pants/but they are kind of stretchy
 10 weeks
wearing old deaconess scrubs
(susanne, DO NOT tell anyone i still have these)
 11 weeks
wearing PJ's
*moved furniture around and had to change photo taking spot
**katie c: you may notice your stollen wreath in the background :)
*** also note hans's head.
****also note me grasping the sides of my pants,
cameron said the butt was ridicously large
12 weeks.
belly actually looks smaller...
maybe b/c my bowels are working again?
*wearing fatty maternity pants... holla!
what is different in this pic... is it my posture?
what the hizzy.
**2 seconds after this shot i felt a bug crawling on my belly and i proceeded to freak out, all the while, cameron was taking pics of me spazzing out... not good not good.

13 weeks!!!! ahh!!!!
( i did my hair in the photo and wasn't wearing pj's, proud?)
seriously... i take these pics when i am off work
as close to my week date as possible.
note: when i work, i usually do not shower.
hence the really really bad hair
and the awesomely cute clothing choices.

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lauren and brad said...

The difference between 12 and 13!!!!!! Whoa!

I see a baby growing! :)