Monday, April 04, 2011

kate & chuck marshall's wedding!

okay, since i've posted last...
blogger changed everything all up on me.
what the heck?!?!
adding pictures is better, but weird.
so my pics are in reverse order.
deal with it.

 this was at the dinner portion of the reception
L to R:
lauren, caleb, my empty spot, cameron, matt
we were at the "Sweden" table
(since that's where our whole table was from)
 cocktail portion of the reception
L to R:
emily, lauren, KATE!!!!!!, me, tovah
you can't see, but kate has an amazing hair comb thing
with a feather in it. and during the wedding
she had a cage veil (or whatever they are called) on.
she's amazing.
(I work in the unit with all these gals)
 what is going on here?
cameron was the photographer... not a good thing.
 i love this flower.
 tovah, lauren, emily, me
i was wearing a dress sus and i bought in
cape town in the market.
it's one of the only things that will fit me.
 me and the camburgler.
you can kinda see my belly.
 kate and chuck.
and of course, they met at work.
he's a hospitalist (doctor who only works at the hospital)
and she's a nurse.
how cute are they?
wedding and reception were in the
(an art gallery that we actually used to meet in for church
a long long time ago).
it was super cool and hipster, just like kate.
sorry i didn't get more pictures.
her bridesmaids just picked out a black dress and cool black patterned tights.
they of course looked amazing.
chuck wore a grey suit.
the boys had feathers in their boutonnieres.
the centerpieces were clear vases with a white branch in it
with stones at the bottom of the vase, and
feathers (just a couple) attached to the branch.
we left before cake, b/c i was pooped.
but i am sure it did not disappoint.

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