Tuesday, April 05, 2011


here are a few pictures
showing that spring has indeed sprung
here in colorado!

 my lovely tulips!

 junior asparagus!!!
just one more year and i can eat them!!!
 more asparagi :)
 onions that apparently weren't picked this summer
and made it thru the winter!!!
 parsley that ressurrected itself too
yeah!!! the lettuce i planted a few weeks ago!!!
hans keeps putting his stupid toys in the lettuce
bucket thingy, so hopefully it will last :)
if you see the shadows in the asparagus/onion/parsley pics
it is b/c i added a fence around the main garden
i cannot trust that pointer griffon. i cannot.


Leslie said...

still reading, promise. no excuses for not commenting. super happy about your babyness, LOVE garden, want more hans romping pics.

what veggies are you planting this year?

steve said...

im kinda disappointed there is no cilantro in that garden. I would pick it and secretly put it in all of Cameron's food.