Monday, April 04, 2011

el listo

Peeling 4 bananas for banana pudding (last night for desser with some DU peole)
Wishing I could have the energy i used to*pre-pregnancy
Remembering I need to call my cousin Lo tomorrow
Listening to cameron play video games while (he's) working out.
Trying to get up the energy to get off the couch and either a)cut out patterns or b)stain the bookshelf
Thinking about how much i cried over little (and big) things this weekend:
                a) about what if God asked me to sacrifice my child like abraham
                b) watching an episode of glee when sue has a down syndrome sister
                c) that cousin ben can write his name
                d) that i SWEAR i felt the alien in my belly move
                e) chuck and kate's wedding... the program, the ceremony, everything
                f) about how i think i am losing my mind/a lot of hormones are raging
Reading something by John Grisham, just finished water for elephants (loved it!)
Realizing i am actually getting fat.
Laughing about how much i cry as of late. and at our dinner guests kiddos (ages 3 and 6)
                let me just throw out one of the many hilarious phrases de la 3 year old: "mommy did you  shave your penis"? then mom proceeds to say "FYI guys, I don't have a penis". What in the world? little boys are weird, but funny!

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