Tuesday, December 01, 2009

thanksgiving dinner at the cannons

Saturday before Thanksgiving
we had our own dinner
i worked on actual thanksgiving day
so we thought this would be PERFECT!
and it was.
(although that morning i went and saw
New Moon, then went to a baby shower
and was slightly stressed)

the 3 tables we had to use
2 from the basement + ours with the leaf
settings for 14!

before the silverware

real apple from Whole Foods

yes yes, the candle looks like it is about to fall over.
it didn't.

the buffet table.
the thing the pie is on is Shellie's idea.
3 trays, with cans in between.
you can glue or tape them together, i did neither.
bethany, stephen, seth, betsy, partick, katie, jill
lindsay, rose, autumn

the happy engaged (and posed) couple
patrick and katie

seth and betsy
(who i thought showed up an hour early,
but actually i told 1/2 the people the wrong time
and my evite said another time) oh that was not good, but it turned out fine.

stephen pouring the water out of the potatoes

ella in her new sweater!

cam carving the turkey!

bethany and stephen looking all posh!

the spread!
doesnt it look freaking amazing!


everyone - me...
no one ever took a pic with me in it,
but that's okay by me :)
it was a perfect thanksgiving with friends!


Leslie said...

what a terrific spread! to have that many friends over...popular little couple you guys are!

Lane Adair said...

looks delicious!! did you make hough noodles? =)