Tuesday, December 01, 2009

the road trip to Dallas

So, Friday morning after thanksgiving
The Blankenships and The Cannons
headed to Dallas for Becky and Wes's Wedding
(and a little place called ikea)
So, it took us like 15 hours
(with the time change, stopping to eat, going the wrong way for 20 miles, and traffic)
we got to cam's parents house at like midnight.
we pretty much crashed when we got there.
then saturday morning we got up, got ready, and then
had some lunch at a great tex mex place.
then headed to the wedding.
stephen and bethany
cameron doing stephens tie, b/c he never has to wear one.

me and cam at the usual picture taking spot
at the cannon house

all of us

becky and her dad

hunter marrying them

blurry i know
but i had to show you her dress!

katie singing and steve playing

at the reception
allison (wes's sis), me, katie, bethany

steve & laura beth


partick, cam, dave, & hunter

walking in!!!!!

mr and mrs wes gentry !

her friend made her clip
and the bridesmaids necklaces
isnt becky just stunning?

the reception was in some boathouse on the lake
and it was perfect!

his and hers cakes

the flower girl and ring bearer
(who carried the pillow and basket i made)

katie and patrick

first dance :)

steve stole my camera
erin and liz
(oh how i loved her dress, from banana)
cutting the cake!

kim, bethany, becky, liz, katie
all the denver girls
then we went and hung out with some friends from college
someone's great grandma's hat from a long time ago
love it!
sunday we went to ikea
and ate david's homemade jumbalaya
and played boggle
and watched Up
(super cute if you havent seen it)
then we went to bed.
we got up early and headed home
and it only took 12.5 hours going home :)

cameron played some new video game for 8.5 hours in the car
while stephen read his kindle and played Fishing on his iphone.
see how the back of the car is kinda full
well, all this stuff from ikea accidentally jumped in our car...
what were we to do, but take it home with us :)
we had a great time, but are definately glad to be home.
thanks david, lea ann, and alec for opening your home to us!
congrats becky and wes!


Leslie said...

so...which cake did you have?

Allison Kaye said...

Cute Pics. You were at Ikea on Sunday? So were we....my brother's and dad were bears. I'm so glad you guys made the wedding!

Lane Adair said...

yay road trips! we are road tripping it to OK for christmas. I hope we get there in time to see you and cam!