Tuesday, December 29, 2009

christmas at the cannons

we woke up to a white christmas
we made coffee and cinnamon rolls
and started christmas!

schnooze got some things in her stocking
she was more excited about eating the previous treats
that she couldnt pose for a pic with these :)

cam with his new slippers, he was soooo excited!!!


YEAH!!!! my new sewing machine!!!
i am in the process of learning how to use it!

the apple pie...
i cut christmas shapes out of the dough and laid them
over the top
we fed a squirrel some walnuts for his christmas
his name is gilbert
and he was climbing our screen
he was cute!

cam dropped the baster in the oven and it melted a hole through the plastic
so, he patched it up!

basting the ham!

the foil on the left is garlic roasting for the potatoes

schnooze got a snuggie from her grandma and grandpa

the wassail
-smelled sooooo good!

bethany making the mashed potatoes
with: 1 stick butter, 1 thing cream cheese, heavy cream, whole milk, and 1 head garlic
they were DELICIOUS!
bethany and stephen



cameron and stephen we sitting playing games
while we cooked
but then they did the dishes and it was awesome!!!

i tried my first deviled egg
and it was good!
we put curry in them!
we forgot to buy a loaf of bread
so i made one
with garlic cloves in it
and we dipped it in olive oil and spread roasted garlic on it
ohhhh so good!
not sure what cam was doing... posing?

me and the camster
after we ate, we played games, napped,
then went and saw Avatar 3D IMAX
and it was soooo awesome!
the most perfect christmas ever!


lauren and brad said...

looks perfect.

Leslie said...

bread recipe please?