Wednesday, December 16, 2009

i love being crafty!

step one:
print letters on the computer and cut out

step two:
trace letter onto scrap fabric with washable fabric marker
see below, it's traced on

step three:
cut out another piece of fabric to go on the bottom
and a piece of quilters batting to go in the middle
just cut squares large enough to leave 1/4" around the letter

step four:
sandwich the 3 pieces together

step five:
sew (i used brown) along the tracings
that you did earlier

see below

step six: then quilt the letter if desired

step seven:
then cut letter out
leaving a 1/4" edge around letter

all the letters

step eight:
then wash and dry letters
so edges fray

then give as a gift to some little one
that will learn and play at the same time.
moms might like these b/c they can be washed.
i kinda want to keep them for my own :)


Leslie said...

yay! i totally have this one in my gotta-get-to-it list of craftyness. congrats on getting them to look so freaking terrific!

~Christy said...

ohhh my! these are amazing! i soooo wish i was crafty!

Katie said...

Why you gotta be so AWESOME? And pick material that I loooooove? :-)

steve said...

i dont get it... fabric letters?

Ryan and Katie said...

such a smart crafty idea! love it! the onesies that you made that are hand me downs from Des are getting small but I'm making them last longer by putting 2 snap extenders in them!!

Lane Adair said...

how fun! or cute as wall art.