Wednesday, December 09, 2009

christmas time is here

well hello!
i decorated for christmas the day after we got back from dallas
but did not post pics until now :(
we drove to evergreen to get our tree
and there was a storm a brewin so we didn't stay long enough to get pics

our stockings
with our model dog
the short fat tree, and it smells sooooo good!

the chandelier i made :)

the peeps

cold dog.
it's been in the single digits here
so we have been bundling up.
the high yesterday was 10*
when you have a lot of ornaments that were on sale
from last year and all else fails...
put them in a bowl

homeless looking liz

sideways cameron
birthday present from sus
it came a month late
and took 2 months by boat to get here,
but I LOVE IT!!!!!

new dishes from ikea
it was a gift to myself for the overtime i have worked
and holidays i have worked.
and i mainly got it for when i go see sus in africa.


Leslie said...

fun decorations! hey...what's my green starbucks mug doing on your coffee table? it's what i'm drinking from right now.

lauren and brad said...

love the chandelier...and the cute fat tree...and the new dishes...and the purse...and the new camera! :)