Tuesday, September 08, 2009

we're crazy

we decided to do something really crazy.
it was a full moon friday night. and really clear.
in the middle of the night.
we left denver at midnight,
and started climbing at 3:30am.
so we didn't sleep at all.
it was sooooooo cold!
probably in the teens.
but we made it to see the sunrise!
stephen, bethany, cameron
not ready for a pic :)
(*also the camera wouldnt work, b/c it was too cold, so we had to warm up the camera to get to take the next pics)
liz and cam COLD!

we stopped b/c i felt like i was gonna puke
and schnooze was so cold, so i warmed her up by
putting her inside one of my shirts!

me and schnooze

the start of sunrise, to the east

to the west

more sunrise, but moon still out!

fuzz-o pic of us

cam took this

i love this pic
*stephen taking a pic

the mountains


schnooze bundled up
i am sure bethany has better pics, but i havent seen them yet.
it was fun, but we were hungry, cold, and tired.


Chris said...

I am very very very jealous.

lauren and brad said...

Ok. so this is like one of those crazy things that you will talk about forever. Remember when....

I LOVE that you guys do stuff like this. It looks miserably cold (CAMERA WON'T WORK? WHAT THE???) but SO fun. The pics are gorgeous. Isn't the world just an amazing place? I'm so happy you and Cam get out there and enjoy it in the wildest ways!