Thursday, September 17, 2009

tour de fat

bethany, stephen, liz, djamel, camille
during the bike parade
crazy people in the parade, all dressed up

stephen never smiles in pics

the air hockey on a bike, people playing WHILE riding,
the air actually turned on with a generator... it was nuts!
a table tennis thing was on the back of the bike

once we were at the festival

the money went to a good cause,
greenifying the state...
pushing for more bike stuff or something...
*cups = compostable
bethany with her sweet potato fri

sweet potato fries with raspberry-habanero sauce

during the race
people get on crazy bikes and try to ride as slow as possible.
then you are the winner of our heat.
and the winner of them all won a bike!

i was collecting cups to compost, and it totally looks like i drank a million beers.
2 was enough to make it hard to ride home...

yikes :)
it was fun, but cold and rainy (55*).
definately will do it next year and dress up!!!!


Leslie said...

you're back! fat tire is jamie's fave beer.

Mike and Susanne said...

I think my cousin was there! Remember, the one that I wanted to set you up with but then you had to go and marry Cam. I saw facebook pics of him and his friends on bikes and with all these crazy wigs on. Where else could he have been!! It looks like you had'll totally have to dress up next year! And maybe stop drinking so much beer, you lush!