Friday, September 25, 2009

earring holder that's awesome

1. 3'x4' piece of sheet metal
2. metal shears
3. drill with drill bits made for metal
4. nails
5. hammer
6. ruler
7. pencil/marker
8. pic frame
9. ribbon
10. staple gun & staples or more nails

trace paper insert inside frame onto sheet metal
and cut to size
be careful it can be sharp
get frame and take out glass and the back thingy off
so it's just the wood

make sure the metal can fit in like the exiting glass did

drill holes into metal
remember to think about which way you will have the frame hanging
landscape or portrait.
drill holes according to how you feel, i was just random
but remember to drill 2 holes next to each other for the pair of earrings.

nail the metal into place

can you see the 4 nails (1 on each side) holding the metal into place?

how it looks from the front view

hang awesome earrings on it

staple (with staple gun) some ribbon (or wire or whatever)
to be used as the hanger

hang in bathroom (or somewhere else cool)
you can totally paint the frame, and i was going to do a light blue, but i decided i loved the wood. so i kept it how i bought it.
i got the frame at Tuesday Morning
i got the sheet metal at Home Depot and it was $18 for the huge piece,
so now i can make more for future gifts :)


lauren and brad said...

ooh! make me one!

Ryan and Katie said...

Cute!! This would be a great gift for someone! The cloth diaper in the pic is a Muttaquin (spelling?) or Mutt for short as they are known. I got most of our diapers off a website called diaperswappers so they are all used. Which grosses some people out but not me! I will do a whole review on the ones that work best for us but I'll wait after I've gotten more experience with them. Are you getting the baby fever yet????