Tuesday, September 08, 2009

katie's engaged!

my dear friend katie got engaged 1.5 weeks ago
we were invited by patrick (fiance)
to come to the engagement party directly following the proposal.
so here are my pics,

kimiko called katie's sister and got the recipe for katie's fav family cake, and made it!
it was a carrot praline something something and AMAZING!
waiting for katie and patrick to arrive

the arrival!!!!

so cute!

champagne toast!

the ring!
so sparkly and so perfect!

the girls that were there
katie, congrats, we are so excited for you!


Brian, Odette, Sara & Brett Ellis said...

man, wish I was there. looks like so much fun. miss you guys

lauren and brad said...

I love the idea of surprising with a party after the proposal...way to go patrick...

katie looks super cute!