Friday, September 25, 2009

steve came steve came!

last week, cameron's bff, steve, came to visit from ft. worth.
-erin and katie had the great idea to have a little party for him.
so we emailed some people and had a little cookout last friday.

when i was taking this pic i couldnt really see, and shellie knew i was taking it, and she made this crazy face... zoom in on the pic to see :)

steve and his brat

we were really checking to see if there was anything in each others teeth,
but hmmmm it doesn't really look that way....

bethany, shellie, liz

patrick and katie (this was the 3rd or 4th attempt at a good pic)

gangsta steve and erin

normal steve and erin
the next day cam and steve went mountain biking on the colorado trail (where we went hike a couple weeks back and camped out) and they rode 24 miles! They were so tired when they got home, but they had so much fun! then we ate mexican food!
cam and steve

look at the pretty leaves changing!!!!

steve in a not-so-good mood after climbing FOREVER!

cam pretending to be in a good mood.

pretty again

steve in a better mood after going downhill for a bit

cheesy little cam :)

the trail

us eating mexican with steve, bethany, and stephen.
this is my new shirt (on sale) from anthro!!!
it is super cute and has a little tie around the waist.
then sunday i was supposed to work; but was on call.
before church cam and steve were playing with cam's last years christmas present from alec...
the helicopter

they were trying to get it to land on someone's head...

(cam is wearing protective eye gear)

that's the best they could do :)

then after church we ate at cam and steve's fav place
Spicy Basil.
they both ALWAYS get the same thing.
they are kind of a cute little couple.

then steve hung out with some other peeps and headed back to ft. worth.
steve, we had so much fun, please come back soon!!!

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lauren and brad said...

they do make a cute couple!