Tuesday, August 25, 2009

shellie's birthday/bethany home

so, cam isn't in these pics b/c he had some kind of flu-like thing
and he was recovering from puking all day.
shellie turned 28 & bethany and stephen returned from nepal!!!

bethany, julie, awesome boxed wine, shellie, emily
steve, kimel, stephen, matt

birthday girl, liz (wearing her birthday apron)

liz(with a table back) and bethany
i made up retake this b/c i looked weird

bethany's awesome $12 handmade dress from nepal
yes folks, it has pockets!

kimel being the good husband lighting the candles


theodore, their friends dog, and i love him so much.
how could you NOT love an underbite :)

*check out the earrings bethany got me!!!


Leslie said...

fun, i like wearing aprons! totally wore mine out to watch julie/julia with the girls.

Lane Adair said...

ha! that is awesome leslie! liz - your hair looks cute in these pics =)