Sunday, August 16, 2009

canning with momma

momma came to visit friday-sunday!
it was so great!
Friday we went to cherry creek mall (anthropologie)
then to eat at Sushi Den
then we sat out on the porch talking until MIDNIGHT!
Saturday we called sus, talked for a bit.
then i took her to my work to meet all my friends
then went to fancy tiger, whole foods, target,
then her bday present: pedicures at a Nail Bar
it was so nice!
then we ran a few more errands
and came home.
we ate dinner at Spicy Basil (me and cam's fav.)
then we canned veggies (see below)

me and mom

cans and lids cleaned

orka and green beans cut and washed

mom boiling the jars (they have to be hot)

after the jars are stuffed and "juice" is poured in

us canning away

pouring the liquid in the jar
(mom with her 2 oven mits on :))

jars getting hot

mom excited to be canning :)

some of the finished product!
pickled green beans, pickled okra, picked cucumbers, picked zucchini (that was the only homegrown thing that made it in, i didn't grow anything else).
(beans and okra from farmers market though)
(oh and the dill is from my garden)

canning was a blast!!!
can't wait to eat em.
Sunday we slept in,
went to the farmers market
then ate breakfast at monas
(as Lucielles was too packed)
then took momma to the airport.

mom and her "grand-dog"

it was such a fun visit!
we made a care package for sus,
and had so much fun having girl time!
can't wait for you to come again mom!!!!

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Leslie said...

those look delish! my fave stand @ the farmers market is and their spicy pickled green beans!