Friday, August 21, 2009

garden update

cameron went on a 24 mile mtb ride with his friend joe
he ran into a tree, and it cut his jacket & arm
and when he fell he cut his leg too
but he'll survive

garden update

butternut squash!!!
isnt it cute

acorn squash!!!!!

another acorn squash

fresno chilis

tomatoes turning RED!

see all the cherry tom's turning red?!?!?!?
*they usually don't even make it inside, b/c i eat them as i pick them


pumpkin, turning from green to yellow (to hopefully orange)

another pumpkin

california poppy

some flower that is cute

flowers that i love
they just make me happy

cosmos (i know what they are now)
*i like this pic b/c you can see my shadow in the background

they are over 6 feet tall!!!!!
*the tallest i have seen throughout denver
(everyone plants these b/c they are so great in CO)

cam's homemade trellis for his watermelons and cantelopes


lauren and brad said...

your garden could totally kick my garden's ass.

Leslie said...

that is INSANE. do you mind breaking down the number of hours + effort it takes to do something like that? i strive.

Anonymous said...

wow!! i'm hungry now. and am craving a centerpiece of cosmos while I eat. - lane