Friday, August 21, 2009

back to school

these are in honor of leslie's awesome back to school pics

senior year
sophomore year


i don't know what to say about my hair/headband
i loved those earrings...they were a present from my bestfriend for my bday from James Avery
at least my clothes matched...
but the thing under my shirt, well, it's this fad that the only people i know that did it were Lauren and Lane, and they were these hipsters from Seminole, OK, (aka my cousins in small small town) that I wanted to be just like. and these things were like stretchy bands that you could wear as a shirt, skirt, headband... etc....
well, this was my feeble attempt at being cool.


Leslie said...

thanks! oddly enough, i think this could become a pretty cathartic exercise for all of us. it looks like you're wearing a bandeau top under your stuff, but is it more like a "unit"? where did you live if not in seminole?

Brian, Odette, Sara & Brett Ellis said...

I think I have some pictures that look pretty similar. miss you guys. glad you have the blog so we can keep up with each other.

Anonymous said...

hahahaha! I remember those things =) you pulled it off well. it was rough growing up 80's-early 90's.

-lane aka 80's chic, hipster cousin