Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Colorado Trail

Tuesday we went backpacking on the Colorado Trail
it was kinda spontaneous (for me)
b/c we decided last week that we'd go!
it's like an hour drive south on 285
when we got there it was already upper 50's/low 60's

we stopped at this little thing and it was like a teepee house structure thing
cam's taking the pic from inside out
the view from the trail

cam the man

i DID NOT carve my name in this
and degrade the freaking trail
but... i sure got a picture with it :)

see how the aspens are ALREADY changing?!?!?

hornets nest... AHH
i was so scared.

we saw this awesome camp site after hiking about 1.5 hours
so we totally stopped and snagged it.
it was PERFECT!
i think i am gonna have my birthday there...
bring some people and some wine
and have a fire, it will be perfect!
(we may have to snow shoe in though)
look how perfect
and the wood for the fire was already there too

look at this aspen leaf, it thinks it's already fall!!!

relaxing all cool

i don't know if she was sharpening her teeth or what, maybe she was eating this stick, but it was cracking me up... so i took a few photos.

we were getting in the tent to read because it was cold and rainy... so we tucked schnooze in the end up my bag... we she looked up at me and her beard was totally flattened... you can't really tell in this pic, but we were laughing soooo hard!

cameron starting a fire from 2 sticks....

still trying to start the fire...
(just because he wanted to, we had matches...)

and voila fire...
he started it with matches
schnooze in her rain jacket


relaxing after dinner

schnoozes head poking out the bottom of my sleeping bag
*during the night it was in the 20*s
we were at 10,000 feet, but i didnt think it'd be THAT cold.
i was prepared but still cold!
then we hiked out this morning
and stopped at coney island
i have always wanted to eat here!

we got corndogs and onion rings!
view from coney island!
it was a great backpacking trip
and we got to use our awesome
provided by our friend Steve Holly


Leslie said...

i want to believe that he started that fire.
hi schnooze.

Mike and Susanne said...

Once again, totally jealous. I love that this was a spontaneous trip for you even though you decided last week that you were going! That's totally Liz and its why we love you!! Mike says he totally could have started that fire with only 1 stick. Yeah, try to figure that out! (sorry for all the "totally's..." I guess I'm having a valley girl kind of day.)

Lane Adair said...

what an awesome campsite!! did you see anyone else while on the trail?