Monday, May 06, 2013

cinco de mayo

 we had a cinco de mayo party at our house
for our fellowship group
autumn and i decorated it all up super cute!
i made these bags, i printed them in the printer
and as long as i fed one at a time, they worked!
then when autumn arrived, we realized we didn't have anything to go in them.
so we decided we could use them for the pinata candy!

 margarita bar

 an old piece of fabric i found at the goodwill outlet for $1
it wasn't straight, but i put the wonky side to the back
worked out well huh?
 tray from goodwill outlet (prob 25 cents)
bottles: autumns from thrift
jar from who knows, filled with limes
small jars filled with mexican candy

 autumn and i made this bunting during a nap
it's tissue paper folded and cut like you would cut snowflakes out of coffee filter.
then i just folded and edge over string and glued it on.
we strung it up around this tent for the pinata!

 with the awesome mexican pop displayed

it was a great party!!!!!! thanks everyone!
*sad, i never got a pic of the yarn ball bunting... super cute.

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