Saturday, May 18, 2013

burke's bday

hazel went to burke's bday party
it was space themed!
kirstin always throws amazing parties,
so I couldn't wait to go!

 hazel in her super cute top and gladiator sandals

 i mean, you can't go wrong with a donut bar.
 sweet sassy!

 that strawberry milk is the bane of my existence really..
i hate it... ask me sometime.
 pics of aliens were placed throughout the yard
and these water bottles were to squirt them
 or squirt the ball?
 pi and hazel licking the sprinkles off a glass

 collin and hazel chilled in the wagon awhile
oh yeah, and they were squirting me

 kirst and her amazing photo skills below.
i guess my amazing baby making skillls too :)

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