Sunday, May 12, 2013

mother's day 2013

well, as you can see, bribery works all the time!
i woke up (later than normal:))
cameron cooked french toast and bacon and coffee
and we had a great super filling breakfast!
i got a log that you soak in water and it grows shitake mushrooms!
then hazel and i headed to church, and i volunteered in her sunday school class.
they were short several volunteers, and cam was already going to work,
so why not?
on our way home, we picked up some veggies to plant.
i put H down for a nap, and spent time gardening.
sus and i got to talk for almost an hour while i did that!
then when H woke up, i finished planting,
and we headed to HD to pick up
more plants that weren't available at the garden patch.
we splurged and got a small rose bush and a peony plant!

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