Thursday, May 16, 2013


i've been juicing.
i don't really know why, but i just am.
maybe i am on the juicing bandwagon or maybe i just want to be healthier.
but, after trying it a few times without a juicer and using the food processor then straining the juice thru a cheesecloth, i decided to steal back my juicer i lent lauren 100 years ago. praise jesus she still had it and WASN'T using it :) they purchased a way better one and just stored mine. true friend = someone that won't be offended when you want something back :)
i started using Kirstin's recipe, then got brave and was making up stuff. i have loved the carrot, beet, apple combo, but freak out everytime i pee, thinking i am bleeding TO DEATH. but then i remember it's the beets.
anyways, i feel like i have more energy, which is good.

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