Tuesday, January 15, 2013

more befores, some afters, and a door

long long story short...
cameron was putting in a new door handle and lock
and the old door literally was falling apart.
we knew we had to get a new door. stat.
which sucks...
because of course
we have a weird sized door.
and all places say it will take anywhere from 3 weeks-3 months to get a door.
that is no good people.
yes that is a place. in denver. 2 miles from our house.
praise God we wheeled and dealed.
we got the floor model of a door that i thought was simple
but beautiful, and we got a discount, and they could
carve out the spots for the lock and handle.
longer story short.
it didn't fit.
we didn't have a door for 3 days (we had the screen door).
the people came and fixed us and didn't charge us.
and it's pretty.
i did stain it, but i will have to find that pic later.
solid mahogony.
dad would be proud.

 hazel's room with wallpaper off

 you can see 3/4 of the way up,
we started mudding.

 door with knobs
we did oil rubbed bronze
from home depot

 hazel's room
i forgot what color grey this is
but i like it.

 hazel's room complete!

 that man in the doorway is the plumber
he came to fix our bathroom
the cold water wasn't coming out at all thru the shower.
fixing this involved cutting a HUGE hole in hazel's room...
the paint was literally not even dry.

 holes where new fixtures will go

 the hole.
it's still there,
6 months later.
don't worry it's covered up.

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