Wednesday, January 16, 2013


living room after paint

 our barstools... love em!
pottery barn
 kitchen, i love the yellow, it makes me happy!!!!
i painted the windows
and the over the sink hung a metal rod and hung some buckets.
i am hoping to plant herbs there this spring!
light fixture after :)

but hunter green
hello SISAL!!!!
 i mean seriously.
it's like a new house!
and someday when we redo the attic...
there will be a little window above the porch.
i will look perfect!
 the trim is: glass of milk
we may or may not have chosen the white color based on it's name
 soooo much better
 master bedroom.
it's rhododendron leaf by martha
it seriously makes me so so happy every time i see it!

 bathroom upstairs

 we added this storage cabinet from ikea
it's like it was meant to go here!


steve said...

whoa photo dump! house looks awesome!

Anonymous said...

looks great!

Anonymous said...

looks great!