Wednesday, January 16, 2013

house numbers.

hunter green may have been cool and popular
at one time or another.
but it is not pretty and hip now.
end of story.
we had to get those terrible green numbers that were
WAY TO INCREDIBLY BIG (may have been for the blind)
out of here STAT!
as you can see in the background...
that is where the old numbers were.
and there is remnant of green paint on the brick. awesome.
i chose to move the numbers to the front column.
don't worry, that green gutter went bye bye bye.
we got a rain chain... but that's in another post.
this is with just the paper numbers taped up to mark the holes.

 this is with them in
(all the while i was drilling away,
baking in the sun,
with the baby monitor and my cell phone
 this is the size comparison. wow.
old= green
new= plastic box.

 oil rubbed bronze, how i love you.
ps: these are from HD for like $4 a pop
I was going to get restoration hardwares for $10 a pop.
saving money sucka!
 all that forest in the front is gone now too,
thanks to mom, and prego sus helping me dig and get infested with spiders.

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