Tuesday, January 15, 2013

before pics of the house

so, yes,
i am 100 years behind in blogging...
and i have decided i needed to keep it up,
thanks to my cuz lolo...
she prints her blogs yearly into a book, and then never has
to worry about any other form of journaling.
so, i followed suit.
i am now catching up for 2012, and then will start 2013.
so, here are before pics of the house.
this is our bedroom... 
 why are there so many layers of wallpaper?

 below is the closet, which i thought had no light,
until one day (after living there for 3-4 mo) i realized it was
this fancy light that was triggered to turn on when the door opened!

now before shots of hazel's room
she has this fantastic garden window that opens up from the top!
that ghetto swamp cooler in the window is long gone :)
 below is her teeny tiny closet. with no door.

 so looking out that door you can see the kitchen/living room

 the paint colors i chose.
 you can't really see, but this is the front window
and i have taped it off to paint the trim.

suspense suspense...
i will have to search for after pics... or take some.

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