Sunday, April 22, 2012

oklahoma is ok...part III

while we were cleaning at dad's house
the neighbor cookie brought her granddaughter's 
play thing over for hazel, how sweet is that?
hazel proceeded to rest her legs (or get them stuck) on the rung

 one night we babysat for lauren and brad
so they could go to some teacher of the year thing
we told katie to bring liv over so she and ryan could have a date
so we had a million kids, and it was perfectly fine!
they crack me up.

 sus and i look over and liv is getting a drink from the hose
don't know why... but she did.

 these are out of order,
but on the flight home, we had to sit on the plane with no a/c for about an hour
hazel screamed the WHOLE TIME... nice.
luckily, my seat mates were super nice.
then she slept the whole flight home.
 once we were home, i dressed her up in bunny ears :)

 this is our friend george-
he is also our accountant
hazel pooped in his office during our meeting
and had no other clothes,
so she only had a diaper on..
george is awesome
he didn't care.
 the walnut tree farm dad started
 polly was sitting on an almost broken stool
with only 2 semi functioning rungs
and then it broke :(
it was really funny though

 sus and hazel sleeping while i showered.
that is love.
i love my family so much.

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Ryan and Katie said...

thanks again! I enjoyed the pics :)