Sunday, April 22, 2012

oklahoma is ok...part I

so we found out about dad on a saturday night
so sunday morning-
we went to lucielle's
and i got this:

 they are famous for their bloody marys
but i could only take one sip... boo.
cameron dropped me and h off at the a/p
and he would meet up with us on tuesday
 h slept in the bed with me until we got the pack and play
(thanks ash... it was ash right?)
 after we saved abbey's life
from the mean wicked witch of the west
hazel got to meet her

 despite the picture, they were the best of friends
then hazel got to meet michelle and rodney 
 gram and her best friend weta
freda & weta
 sus wearing the scarf dad picked out for her when he was in denver at the begining of march
 i birthed this child, but i think polly's her momma.
seriously, i have to find some of polly's baby pics
but they look EXACTLY alike.
which is good, b/c polly is one good looking babe.
and has good taste in clothes.
 we basically hung out at grams when we werent doing a million other things
so this was our haven.
lo, lane, pam, judy

 ben & des beating up robot cameron
 yes, there are 3 sets of stairs right there, and yes des has a bucket on his head, and yes he almost fell down the stairs multiple times... what good adults we are... we were probably drinking wine too.
 polly (aunt pogo) and her baby.
 lane and genevieve lane

 this was a text i got while sus and i were doing something important (i'm sure)

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