Sunday, April 22, 2012

bradley braxton jones

my dad died.
march 31, 2012
it sucks.
here are some photos i had on my computer.
i miss him.

 *see the arrowheads and old photo in the background?
maggie stole them from us :(

 lookin good dad!
 1 mile "fun run" (we walked) when i was in RN school

 our fav place: 501 cafe

 after dad re-did the kitchen
 dad and lance, looking slick
dad with ruby red dress
this was at grams house, but not in arcadia?!? 
dad and his truck.
we don't know what happened, and it could be several more months
for toxicology to come back. how come they can always solve everything in 1 hour on tv?
sus and i, with the amazing help of our family, were able to plan and have the funeral, clean the house out (which was pretty easy since maggie stole everything), and put the house on the market. we had lots of meetings. we were well taken care of by family, friends, and neighbors. thank you to anyone who sent cards, texts, called, brought food, or cried/laughed with us. the memory of dad will surely live on. 


Ryan and Katie said...

such great pictures to look through. I'm so sorry you all are having to go through all the extra drama on top of the shock of losing your dad. I'll keep praying for everyone and hope that she will return some of your precious family mementos to you!

Leslie said...

It's super drizzly outside after two weeks of straight sunshine in new hampshire and i finally put two and two together about your dad. It took me 24 days to realize what happened and I am so sorry. Please keep posting memories and fun stories about him!!! Hugs and love from nfh.

(ps. ew to stealing)

lauren and brad said...

I can hardly look at these pics. Still so surreal.