Sunday, April 22, 2012

oklahoma is ok...part II

these are the flowers from the funeral home
we told them we wanted colorful flowers, greenery, and lots of sticks.
dad liked decorating with wood... so what better than sticks :)

 these hydrangeas were my fav.
thank sid and terry
 what can i say?
i have a cute baby :)
 yes, maam, that is my 86.5 year old grandma
on the floor playing with her 6th great-grandchild.
dont you love it?
 lindsay meets h!
 easter sunday, we went to carole and ed's house
and hazel dazzled us with her lungs
 sus, h, mom, maureen

 uncle haden meets hazel for the first time!
 grandpa, sus, and mom said she wants to be called "mrs. jones"
my family is so weird :)
 she's got the life.
 melt my heart into a pool 
 what is hiding in those cheeks?


lauren and brad said...

These are great! I have a lot of cute ones to post too. miss you so much.

Rachelle said...

especially love those last two pics! You have a cutie.
So sorry about your loss, liz. Love you, friend!