Sunday, January 15, 2012

christmas in plano part II

christmas with a 4 year old is so much fun!
we waited for austin to run downstairs
just watching him open presents was so much fun!

 cam and blake got coal in their stockings :)

 i loveeeee this one of hazel
she looks shocked by something

 hazel with her first doll
 mimi (cam's grandma) holding H
 H's christmas outfit from Lili
 Cameron holding Boomer, 
steve and wrenda's new pup
 Mimi and H
 Jenn making rolls
 Grangran & Uncle Steve

we had a fabulous dinner
with great family
we are so blessed.

1 comment:

lauren and brad said...

I agree...4 is the perfect christmas age!

and hazel looks adorable in that dress!