Sunday, January 15, 2012

christmas in plano part III

So after Christmas
we just kinda chilled
we visited Cam's bff Daniel and his wife
Mima came into town
we ate at In & Out Burger
and shopped at Sam Moon

 Lili and H

 Poppie & Hazel & Molly

 Mima and H
 all the boys got nerf guns for christmas
and it was like a war zone
but don't worry,
we just stuck this one on :)
 poor david,
i made so much fun of him for this :)
his neck hurt so bad
and he had this heat pack thing on it
but i felt like it looked like a neck brace :)
 Daniel with H

 4 generations
Mima, Poppie, Cameron, Hazel
 love love love this one
 So, we randomly were looking in Lili's junk drawer
and found some awesome things...
one being this bubble pipe
 and the other being these glasses
yes, they are from the 70's
and yes, lea ann was wearing them when
she met david :)

 the cannon boys and mima
austin, alec, blake, , cameron, david, and mima
 minus austin
 liz, lea ann, mima, hazel, jenny, molly
 how crazy is it that alec had the same shirt as hazel?
when he saw she was wearing it,
he went and put his on :)

after all that crazy fun,
we headed to the airport.
thanks for an awesome christmas
cannon family!

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lauren and brad said...

aaah! cute shirt!