Tuesday, July 19, 2011

28 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

holy moly.... (is that how you spell moly)?
i am getting so big!
it's like a love-hate relationship
mostly love with a little dis-likeness
i am randomly getting what they call sacral pain or posterior pelvic pain
i just feels like you bruised your coccyx reallllllllly bad.
but it kinda sucks a lot.
i get charlie horses a lot at night too.
but honestly i am feeling really good.
still doing yoga once a week.
trying to be outside a lot, except it's been SOOOO hot here (i know i know, not like OKLA/KS/TX)
but it's been above 90* with a little humidity, and remember people we don't have central air here.
and this past weekend my friends from church threw me THE BEST BABY SHOWER ever!!!!
I will post the pics i have, but i will put a link to Kirstin's blog
when she posts the good pics.

she is moving all the time
until someone wants to feel her, then she gets shy.
this morning i had my Glucose Tolerance Test
that sucked.
basically 1 hour before you get yourblood drawn,
you drink 5oz of this sugary nasty orange stuff
and you may think, oh 5oz, that's not a lot...
oh man, but by the 5th oz, you feel like youre gonna puke.
then you have to sit there without water or anything
with this sugar crap gurgling in your belly.
anyway, i guess we'll find out soon if i passed.
and then we go for another u/s thursday b/c they couldn't
measure some things b/c hazel wouldn't move for them.
who knows.
oh yeah, and i have gained 17lbs so far!
so i will keep you updated!!!!


lauren and brad said...

do pigeon pose for your SI pain. Do you know it? whichever side the pain is on, bend that knee across the body...take the other leg straight back with the kneecap down into the floor. turn your belly over towards your ankle and then lay down over your bent knee. you should feel a stretch in your outer hip of your bent knee (NOT in your groin). Call me if you can't figure it out, but it should relieve it instantly.

Leslie said...

do all moms have to do an ogtt?