Tuesday, July 26, 2011


this is where we are gonna go for our
or our first (and probably last) camping trip of the summer

yes, we are taking the dogs
yes, we are camping
yes, the weather will be oh so much cooler than in denver
yes, there will not be fancy hotels or massages
yes, i will be hiking my big fat butt 3.6 miles one day
yes, i can go slow
yes, it is the most beautiful place i have ever heard about in CO
yes, i have always wanted to go
yes, last night hans ate 2/4 of our chicken skewers pre-grill, skewer and all, and then barfed up a skewer at 4:30 this morning and i had to clean it up
and yes, we still love him.
so i think this will actually be an awesome trip, little stress, not a long crazy hike.
we will hike 1.8 miles and eat lunch and hang out and let hans swim, and then hike back 1.8 miles, and go back to our campsite. it's near Aspen, so we can always go into town if need be. but i can't wait.
we are going the weekend after Lane & Jess's wedding
and i can't wait for that either,
it's gonna be hot, but with really awesome people!!!!


Rachelle said...

Sounds Awesome! Crazy jealous.

steve said...

is the weather going to be below 105? if so, I want to come.

Anonymous said...

fuN! so much fun seeing you and cam. you guys are crazy awesome.

Anonymous said...

whoa. the last comment is from lane.