Tuesday, July 26, 2011

29 weeks!!!!

holy cow!
(that's how i feel :))

don't get me wrong, i love being pregnant, but here are the weird not likey so much things going on:
i can barely get my socks and shoes on
i can't see my feet anymore
my feet seem to be sore and painful
hard to get in/out of the honda
boobs are sore again
can't walk as fast
get out of breath walking anywhere :)
but things i LOVE:
feeling her move ALL THE TIME
how cute i actually feel
people really are nicer to you (at times)
people can tell i am pregnant, not just fat
my skin is really good right now
i can go to prenatal yoga (i guess i could when i wasn't preg, but that's weird)
i feel empowered
i am gonna be a momma (scary but oh so cool)
i feel like i am not the normal pregnant lady and people can do with that what they want, but i think it gives some people a peace of mind knowing you don't have to be perfect, IE:
i drink caffeine (not a ton, but whatever i feel like)
i ate sushi (really just roe on top of non raw rolls, oh man kill me now)
i eat lunch meat (albeit organic, but still)
i drink alcohol, little sips here and there, but some ppl balk at that
i'm not a worry wort AT ALL
and as many books that i read PRE-PREGNANCY,
i've barely read any during pregnancy
i still haven't picked a pediatrician
i think i am more laid back than i was before.
all that to say:
hazel is growing strong and healthy and measuring 1.5 weeks ahead.
she moves all the time
and i think she likes that I AM HER MOM.
so there.

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lauren and brad said...

Perfectly said. :)