Tuesday, April 06, 2010

chair redo #1

weird shiny pinkish fabric
old scuffed up wood

after sanding and painting
(it's not perfect by any means, but i did it, and i love it!)

schnooze modeling

the cushion wasn't that hard, but when i had to make it snug
that's when i ran into problems...
so it looks kinda janky... but i didn't want to redo it 20 times.

the back part, i added new foam and padding
the old stuff was literally disentigrating when i touched it...
and it was this weird rotten orange color.
now it's soft and cushy!
pefection in the back :)

made my own piping
(not that hard)

without the cushion
with cushion
this chair replaced the red one...
anyway, the red one didn't really go with the living room
it was just comfy.

1 comment:

Lane Adair said...

you're so crafty! make me some chairs! =)