Sunday, January 09, 2011

a list for 2011

1. have less clutter
2. sell stuff from house to make money
3. redo furniture and sell online
4. have a garage sale with our old stuff when we get the riggs/joyner stash!
5. make the basement room have a cohesive style.... do something with the mish mash of art
6. hang curtains in unfinished part of basment, and make an officey space
7. make art for bedroom
8. buy a jigsaw and sander
9 organize better
10. buy nothing for myself
11. cook a lot
12. be a better wife
13. complain and gossip less
14. be more encouraging
15. pray more
16. visit sus and chris
17. sew from a pattern
18. use fabric from stash
19. fix ma's quilt and use it!
20. bake bread from recipes de la sus
21. blog more more more

1 comment:

lauren and brad said...

High expectations! But knowing you, you will do it! :)