Tuesday, January 11, 2011


it's not very often you see a blog
love it
then can be friends with the blogger.
well, that's not exactly how it happened...
this new gal and her fam started coming to church.
i knew who she was, but didn't ever realllllly know her.
i heard great things,
knew she threw fabulous parties,
and knew she cloth diapered.
we were destined to become great friends.
but did i mention she is gorgeous?
so i was scared to talk to her.
until... i got invited to a baby shower she was throwing.
and we talked.
and she is so cool.
and i found out she has a blog.
i hope our busy lives can mesh more.
here are some of the amazing things from her blog!

tea wreath
had a lesson in making one of these
my friend lauren LOVED it
it was also featured on apt therapy
tote bag
reading nook for her son
made out of pallets



she and her sister actually do this blog
but i havent met her,
they were in a competition online called
so you think you're crafty.
and they won!!!
anyway, this was one of the weeks
the assignment was to use yarn
for her daughter's room

memory book
-made out of a placemat

such a cute dress!

some of you may have received one of these in the mail
i got a tutorial on how to make these!

amazing parties

hello, don't you want to go to this one?

or this one?

her sis made this for sytyc

how freaking cute are they?

i NEED to make this
made out of repurposed headed for the trash items

anthro inspired bedding...
saw this in real life...
must have some day.
i also would like this.

and look what her sis did for her 30th bday!
ps: i want this for mine!

visit their blog often!!!!!


kirstin & jordan said...

hahahahahahaha! liz you crack me up. I can't believe this write up- you make us sound way cooler than we are. and I'll take it. :)
I hope our lives can mesh more too!

steve said...

cloth-diaper can not be made into a verb by adding "ed". please adjust accordingly.