Tuesday, January 18, 2011

cashmere blanket

don't you want to be friends with him?
since i can't cuddle him in real life...
i will make a blanket of his wool.
shouldn't all our clothes be made of this stuff?
i used this book

the instructions are super simple
but here's the low-down
get some cashmere sweaters at the thrift store
wash them in hot water
dry them
deconstruct them...
pretty much just cut them to yeild the largest amt of fabric
the blanket is going to be roughly 45"x60"
so, i think i had 4-5 womens sweaters
(pullovers yeild the most useable amt)
then cut them into 15" wide pieces of varying lengths
piece together
then pick a backing
i got 2 yards, and had lots leftover
mine was a sweatery material on sale at joanne's for like $2/yd
place the right sides together, and sew 3 sides
and part of the 4th side,
turn right side out,
the stitch the hole closed
and then "quilt" the areas desired.

this was without the back sewn on,
but i did it i promise.
oh i also added little rectangles of fabric
randomly, like in the first picture.
i did this after sewn together, and made it part of the quilting.
now i have a super soft, cuddly blanket!
and since we pre-washed it, it's totally machine washable!!!!

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