Tuesday, April 13, 2010

yoga retreat

saturday, sunday, and monday

bethany and i went on a yoga retreat.

mainly for relaxation

and girl time

(congrats to B for getting in to Med School,

booooo that's it's in Alabama and she has to move).

we definately we excited for the yoga, but

were pumped for being in the mtns, having

good vege food, and quietness.

this is where we slept and did yoga.

it seems warehousey... but it wasn't bad at all.

it definately felt like camp.

we stayed in a room with 6 bunk beds

and side tables in between each bed.

and we had a community bathroom, which was super nice

and had natural (jason brand) shampoo and soaps and lotions to share.

there were towels for us too.

the weather was actually GORGEOUS sunday

and we went for a hike!

this is the lake at the start of the hike...

still frozen

a dog friend we made with B

the top of the 2 hour hike...

won't get into it, but the hike part sucked.

but the view... oh the view was worth it.

we named this mountain
"lady bug rock"
b/c there were squillions of lady bugs
not a gross amount, but A LOT!!!
me being all coloradoy

me and bethany


so a list of things:

1. we met a girl named "red turtle"

2. we had some amazing warmed milk (chai like) for dessert

3. i had a sugar scrub and B had a facial and they were amazing

4. bethany opened her hips and i improved my breathing

5. we did yoga one time in the "yoga cabin"

and there was a fire going in the fireplace

6. there was a guy there that looked like chris kramer with brown hair.

7. lots of gals didn't shave.

8. one of the girls in our room was so weird, and was studying cell division for the fun of it

9. we got to do Om's (which i had never done)

10. we did lion's breath (or something like that) and it was fun

11. we learned a lot about the yogi lifestyle.

12. there was a woman monk there.

13. it was beautiful and serene

14. we were starving to death most days

and thought we wouldnt even make it to the meals, and during yoga you could ALWAYS hear my belly growling :)

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lauren and brad said...

so jealous. so, so jealous.

OM's are cool.

We teach Lion! :) Yogi's believe that anger and aggression are stored in the body and Lion releases it! So fun! :)

Please take me there.